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A friend of mine has a couple of Meteor engines in one of his garages, one is totally knackered (holes in every piece of crankcase mainly) but the other is a runner. So one fine day he decided to start it just to see what happened.

The engine has not exhaust stubs, or indeed anything much, but he thought that with the aid of a 12V battery he could probably get it to turn over and fire. Well, actually no he couldn't, the battery voltage is just too low so nothing much happened. But the trying meant that a fair bit of fuel ended up in the float chambers, induction manifold and, well, just about everywhere really.

Another friend arrived, and as these things do it transpired that he couldn't wait to get his car battery out and put it in series with the original. This was duly done. The starter was engaged, the engine fired, and ran for about 15 seconds. During this time it made a massive amount of noise, emitted 2 foot long flames out of the exhausts, blew stuff around the garage and damn nearly deafended the pair of them.

Bloody good fun! Bit they were almost into cacking territory...

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