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any of these artist's is complicit in the 'copying industry' scam, as they profit from unperformed (no actual singing or playing) of their so called 'art'. the copying industry includes all manner of management, technical and manufacturing (all the way down to the floor of the pressing plant) and distribution matrix. these artists have become so lazy, they dont even perform real music, they lip-sync, use prerecorded background tracks, hire writers to script their lyrics, and pretend they have created music art. every audible/visual fleck of information that does not come straight from their pea brain, drug fueled, sex immersed mouths is a worthless fake. if these artists want money, they can perform 365 daya year on stage, doing their art, for real. like most of the fobs that do real work, and hand off TRILLIONS of dollars to the intermediary copying industry for non-performance fakes of their productions. we are all being had, by Sony, Samsung, Phillips, Intel, and any other corporate middle man or management that reaps BILLIONS in profits from some of the few (and i mean FEW) real artists out there. so phoooey on the lot of you!

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