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ASA raps vloggers over undisclosed ads

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This is good.

It has been a grey issue in the UK, realistically youtube channels should tell you what's sponsored content and what's not - of course sometimes the question is "is this an advertisement or a piece of entertainment" ergo a lot of the Yogscast content is entertainment, the reason it's interesting is that the person presenting is entertaining. I'd rarely buy something that Sips played because the reason the games are funny is because I find him funny, there are a few exceptions I pretty much bought Don't Starve off the back of his series but then I did watch about 10 hours of gameplay first. As opposed to someone who poses as say a reviewer but is in fact being paid.

But anyway - it's always better for the consumer to know who is backing content so I welcome this clearing up of the issue and hope people make sure they abide by it.

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