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If anyone is after real-world reviews I have a Moto G 4G (so as Warm Braw says *not* the MkII) from tesco Mobile and I'm very happy with it.

There's not a lot of bloat from either Motorola or Tesco, the phone is quick, the screen is good, battery life is more than acceptable (within the admittedly pathetic smartphone range), and I've had no problems with signal strength on any radio including Bluetooth which pairs reliably with my Pebble, two sets of headphones, a telly, and a music system - which has been a problem for other phones I have owned and not loved.

Updates have been frequent - although Lollipop has not landed yet via Tesco.

It's the first Android phone I've owned and not rooted & stuck a custom ROM on which says something for the shipped OS (and something about my descent into laziness probably).

Apart from full waterproofing there's nothing on other phones that I'd see as even a half-compelling reason to upgrade.

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