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Yes DougS I DO HAVE THE NERVE to complain as I certainly don't like, want, or appreciate 'walled gardens' or I would have just bought an Iphone. It's obvious that you don't understand that rooting simply gives the user 'administrator' type permissions (a la M$ Windows) that we should have had anyway. And it doesn't just apply to Samsung as Google throws in a ton of crapware in Android as well.

Also, when I upgraded my Note 2 with Samsung's genuine 4.1.2 version, via Kies, the upgrade simply reset/unrooted it, i.e., didn't brick the phone. I just had to root it again and badda-boom badda-bing back in the saddle again. Also, the phone was under warranty when I first rooted it so didn't want to install a "generic Android" version. It's a simple task to unroot the phone and reset the upgrade counter should I need warranty repair.

Let me ask you a question DougS? Do you use EVERY app included with your smartphone? No? I didn't think so. Obviously Samsung has to provide a wide range of apps/features/etc. to try to entice as many buyers as possible. Does it make sense for you or I or anyone to keep those apps, many of which are running in the background shortening battery life, when we have no intention of ever using them?

Unlike some people, I do happen to like Samsung's TouchWiz interface with the Note 2 or I would have snagged a.custom Android ROM from XDA-Developers or Cyanogen, etc. like I've done in the past.

Do yourself a favor in the future DougS... and leave the attitude at home. Have a nice day.

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