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>why exactly would anyone pay 2.5x the price for the latest Galaxy S when it is running identical software?

That is why its tanking. We don't mind paying more if the thing is better but the software differentiation is not enough to make it worth that much more. They need to stop matching Apple and make the best phone hardware they can.

That means - put an SD card slot in it, look at making an aluminium casing, invest in the Kies stuff to make it usable - maybe PoE/mini-DVI for thin-client work. Get some sync going for people with itunes libraries to ease that transition. If they are not good at the UI (which Kies suggests) put some effort into Android itself. Pump some money into Android security projects, make it (or Tizen) properly multiuser based on thumbprint.

It often strikes me that manufacturers do a bit of work and then stop making an effort, especially with sync software.

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