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All singing all dancing

I have an S4, it does everything I need it to do, and I prefer touchwiz to the stock android layout.

I had the S4 18 months ago at the start of the current contract and now i'm looking to see if there's anything worth having. My lad has something called a oneplusone phone which seems to be cutting edge, but dies a death when Android 5 is installed. but other than speed, I think Samsung have ran out of ideas. S4 (like XP) was a good enough product that did a reasonable job. S5 is Vista??? I don't know. S6 is next year and will probably be faster this and a bigger that, but I think that smartphones have come to a point where the extra toys don't really enhance the usability.

I suspect smartphones in general have stopped being 'the must have thing' and have become part of the norm now.

Now where did I leave my phone?

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