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It's not just bloatware. Samsung forgot that we have a choice...

I, too, was literally shocked and not 'awed' when I discovered all the bloatware on my then brand new Note 2 a couple of years ago. I was even more shocked to find this crap was running continuously in the background gobbling up precious CPU cycles thus killing battery life. The first thing I did was root the phone and install Super SU, ROM Toolbox Pro, and BusyBox. After rooting, ROM Toolbox Pro allows deleting or freezing (a really outstanding option) those sh1tty Samsung bloatware apps. It took me a while but I finally had a lean and mean running original Samsung Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Android version with much extended battery life.... this in spite of Samsung.

Speaking of Samsung bloatware has anyone bothered to read their Old Testament length EULA? I didn't either. I immediately deleted every Samsung app I could and froze the rest.

Now then, when Jelly Bean 4.1.2 became available I tried to download it from Samsung... OUCH... not gonna happen as i immediately got an error message that said my phone was customized and upgrades were now verboten. WTF?!

The other big FAIL was that Samsung's version of Android didn't allow storing apps, etc. on the removable mSD card. Since Android takes up so much room on the internal 16GB memory this is ridiculous. I found a hack, a script, that somehow swaps the memory location of the external card with the internal memory 'card' thus fooling the system. After installing the script my Note 2 reported 64GB internal memory and 16GB external memory. That script is still working today.

The bottom line is I had to spend waaaay too much time trying to get around Samsung crapola. I'm not likely to do that again. So like I've mentioned in previous recent rants here at the Reg, Samsung had better wake up and soon as there are just too many affordable choices on the horizon. Yes, we do have a choice.

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