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Greg D

I tend to find BMW man has been replaced by fake-4x4 man. Anyone driving those pointless pretend 4x4's are usually the ones driving like utter cunts. The kind of 4x4's which, while actually being 4-wheel drive (and possibly offering decent performance), offer no functionality beyond making the driver look like a pretentious cunt with a higher viewpoint so they can look down on all the other drivers. Then they go and drive like one.

The kind of 4x4's where they have all the equipment to tackle some majorly precarious roads, but will never be driven near a patch of mud due to the 20" pristine alloy wheels they are equipped with, or the 2-tone paint job some pretentious cunt paid loads of money for, and lowering springs to reduce comfort.

I'm talking any BMW X-series, Merc ML series, Audi Q-series. And lest we forget the Range Rover Vogue. All pretty much the same car.

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