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You're kidding, right?

The weird thing is that I have occasionally accepted short-term loans of BMWs from wealthier colleagues over the years and I can personally attest to the high quality of the vehicles.

Seriously, are you high or something Alister?

A friend of mine purchased one of these to make up for a lack in 2 areas of his anatomy (one, obviously, is the brain). I've had the mis-fortune of helping maintain it since.

The materials quality is shit, to put it extremely nicely. How many other models of car have a metal bracket in the drivers door handle break as a result of normal use? Every few years?

Broken Money Waster, Barely Manages to Work, Broke My Wallet (my friend's own one), and all the other nasties about the lack of quality in construction and materials in BMW's are well-earned, and tend to be exceedingly polite. Having worked on one, I would never own one. Any other "friend" who wants one knows not to bother talking to me again if they ever make the purchase.

That said, I did see a very nice looking 2010 BMW the other day. It was a crumpled pile in the local wrecker's yard. About to get the ultimate face-lift for any car, a car crusher!

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