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Bullshit. As I'm the sort of guy that gets lost in his own house, I've used a lot of GPS units.

Google Maps is fine as long as you strictly follow the route. The moment you leave it, it's "fuck you, you're on your own" - I had to pull over recently and wait for it to take nearly 4 minutes to recalculate the route. I had full satellite lock and 5 bars of LTE, so it's not like there was a problem other than the software.

Garmin is ok, until you don't want to pay $100 for the 6 month map update. Then you do, and my rather large neighborhood, which has existed since 1988 IS A HUGE BLANK AREA!

TomTom is ok, until you're confronted with "Do You Not Want To Avoid Toll Roads?" Yes! No! Wait, what????? Oh yeah, and for the longest time, it insisted that Interstate 4 and the 417 toll road did not have any interchanges in downtown Orlando. As I-4 has been in Orlando longer than Walt Disney, this is rather a mysterious error.

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