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C5 because it's next down the model line from the C6............

Most people are snide about Citroen models because:-

1. They've never been in a modern one (all vintage ones are cool)

2. They've never driven one

3. someone in the dealership at Ford/Vauxhall/BMW/Audi/pub told them they were rubbish

4. They don't drive 500miles on motorway in one trip

Having driven >5 to between 125 - 200k miles each I have tested them. Thoroughly

I moved from BMW as a daily drive as I hated paying >£1600 per annum in insurance for 5yrs+ no claims in an 1800cc petrol with round badge.

I still own a [1987] BMW for sunny summer days. OK it's a poor man's version - 3.18i with M10 engine. Oh and it is that very same fisrt car I bought. Nice

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