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Yea but tracert is pants, , ,give this a try in ffox (click the ''test the location service by clicking here'' link) and see if you're still located near virgins HQ

Well... Interestingly close... Only a few streets away.

Oh, and I used the company IP, with the company address plastered all over the web server (the web server is located within the company's building).

Close enough that I might know someone in the area (I don't), but far enough away I probably wouldn't even hear of an armed offenders callout in the area.

No where near close enough to worry about.

Found this site I think through an El Reg comment some weeks back. Have looked closely at cameras in my area, identified and notified those I can, some have taken notice some haven't. Many I don't have a clue where they are, even where I can see some of the surrounding countryside.

It is a risk, but it is not as great a risk for some as some would have you believe.

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