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There is up to 80Mb down in my area via BT and FTTC....

... and I live virtually next door to the exchange, did I bother to upgrade of course not

I imagine I would actually get at least 70Mb down for several months before crosstalk kills it but I would still be tied into a contract for over a year, ISPs have always gone out of their way to lie and this attacking their lies at the "up to" figure is the wrong way to go.

Personally I negotated a real 7.5Mb down with all the BT premium calls and services for a fixed price per month which is less than that offered to new customers, my service whilst not "superfast" is consistant or I can leave with impunity. Basically if you buy any off the shelf broadband deal then you are going to be disappointed unless you only go online to pick up you email daily.

More bandwidth would be nice but until the ISP are made to provide a guaranteed amount of bandwidth then they will continue with their state sponsered spin. FTTP would be nice but again no bandwidth guarranty, the UK tax payer has been paying for BT's infrastructure upgrades since before it was sold but since it went private their onus was never on providing us with a quality service. If they are going to gorge from the public teat then they should be made to put our requirements before their shareholders but hey whats the chance of that being sorted out whilst we attempt to get the "up to" rubbish removed

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