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This is rubbish. The demand for better battery technology has never been higher. More than anything it is being driven (pardon the pun) by applications that absolutely depend on better battery technology, such as electric vehicles. It's not that the manufacturers don't care, it's simply that it takes a LOT of effort to make a small improvement in battery technology. Sinclair wanted an electric car in the 80s, but he was simply too early. There weren't a bunch of stonecutters holding him back!

If and when major breakthroughs occur then it will, one way or another trickle down to mobile phone users. No manufacturer is going to chose to ignore new opportunities so long as they're cost effective.

I don't understand. I mean I really don't. I get my phone out each night to check my alarm and after I've done that I pop it down roughly on my wireless charger, whereby it magnetically locates and charges. I haven't gotten over the novelty of that yet and I've had my Nexus 5 and wireless charger for over a year.

Maybe wireless charging is something you want to look into, until you can put yourself into stasis so you don't have to wait for the international development of energy storage.


I for one would prefer to buy a cheaper phone that lasts all day than a more expensive phone that lasts multiple days. This is true until sleeping every night becomes optional for me.

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