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We'll never get longer lasting batteries...

It's pretty simple really.. same reason why electric car batteries don't give you 1000 mile ranges with 15 minute charges... battery technology is disruptive to other markets, namely, the oil industry. If we could build a battery that keeps a phone running for a couple weeks, we could build a battery to give a car 1000+ mile ranges which is more than enough to drive for 15 hours or longer before needing to charge for a couple hours. What happens to the oil market when we no longer need gas to power our cars?

I think it will eventually happen, but I suspect it will be years from now as we ween off of oil before we have batteries that can last a week or two without a charge. Maybe they'll add perpetual motion chargers to phones and require you to shake them to keep the screen on...

I do agree though, while more speed, memory, better screens, etc is all nice, it's all minute compared to a phone that doesn't need to be charged one or more times a day. We carry portable rechargeable batteries that weigh 10x the phone just to ensure our dying batteries on our year-old phones can be used throughout the day.

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