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Is your kid ADDICTED to web porn? Twitter? Hint: Don't blame the internet

Elmer Phud

" but even ten years ago school leavers were taking "computer driving licence" courses because the schools seemed to have failed them."

Schools were struck by the usual disease of Governement Ministers thinking IT was a 'good idea' - never knowing what the hell 'IT' was. Schools were given dosh for kit (not people) and told to get on with it. School staff not only don't usually have extra time for applying yet another 'brilliant idea' but also not the expertise.

It has never been the schools that failed them but Education wonks in Westminster ( and the hovering bluebottles of 'educational software developers' ) insistingn that throwing kit at kids will provide the next generation of whizzkids -- and now it's happening again .'Apps' is the new watchword the 'big thing' to turn 16yr olds into millionaires.

They conveniently miss out that number of successful apps v;s the number of total failures (or, for that matter, apps that are only there to pick your pocket.

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