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>Go back a few years, and that would have stopped you from being a mobile worker. I remember members of staff whose laptops had an extra battery in place of the optical drive, plus they carried 2-3 extra batteries when they went on business trips. It was the only way to get the thing to last more than a couple of hours.

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree but that was several moons ago.

Now we have laptops with 13" screens that have 8 or 9 hours of autonomy so their has definately been advances within the battery technology ( Ok, I digress it is also due to lower Processor requirements and SSDs for the power consumption decrease).

But look at the smart phone market the screens are at least double what they were intially and yet the power duration remains the same. So there have obviously been advances here too, just not enough of them.

Larger screens, brighter screens, scratchless glass, fingerprint readers etc certainely are appealing

but it seems that the research is far to heavily biased on Marketing rather than on function...

The smartphone market hasn't really provided us with anything world changing in the last year or so, maybe we ahve reached peak gadgetry. I can only hope that it will go the same way as laptops and that they will now start to concentrate of developing durability rather than marketability

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