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Longer battery life

I truly wish that the manufacturers would start playing a competition to increase battery life to at least 1

week, Instead of the race to have larger screens, thinner frames etc ..... Can't they make a true smartphone for the road warrior...

Whether I go on a trip for 1 day or for one week I always have to arm myself with extra cables and chargers. Sometime I can use my laptop as a charger, sometimes I can't, so it is always necassary to have at "least one" extra mini usb hiding somewhere.

Ok when you have the cables it's really not a problem but when you don't...... the frustration levels really rise quickly.

A new user interface, so what .... A new app, so what..... unlock with your fingerprint, so what...... We already have most of what we need, except the damned battery life.

5 day battery life, now we are talking...

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