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Had to dig back 5 months in my comments on a story about the open sourcing of Roslyn to find this pearl of wisdom from mine... "It is just Microsoft's only way of keeping C# relevant. Without doing moves such as these, they were risking C# becoming a niche for line of business applications"

... and what happened today shows that the comment is still valid and the trend continues. Microsoft is trying to make C# the successor of Java, betting on Oracle's ability to piss off everyone. Which is a close to safe bet on the long term. What remains to see if this is the "embrace" part of the MS classic old strategy, or they are trying to play fair.

Well, at least there are a couple of promising JVM based languages good enough to keep MS on track, and nothing stops these compilers generating CLR instead of JVM bytecode.

Side note to Microsoft: if you want to kill Java once and forever, release a free Visual Studio for MacOSX and Linux. Yes, heretic, I know. But true.

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