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Interesting point, however on the flip side I'm currently dealing with a council regarding a persistent and high level of traffic collisions on a single 30m stretch of road. (Using DfT numbers over £300k worth of cost so far, police, damage, ambulances etc)

You would think it would be pretty easy to resolve but nope, they turned up with a gaggle of 4x "managers", probably in the region of £100k a year in wages alone, one who looked after kerbstones, one who looked after minor rated accidents and another who looked after serious rated accidents and some other hanger-on who fancied a day out as the weather was good.

They claimed there was no money, and couldn't care less anyway as its not their concern the levels of collisions regardless of the damage to the surrounding area, plus as most road works are contracted out they couldn't do much anyway. Still waiting 12mths later for a couple of bloody signs.

There is a tremendous amount of dead wood in councils, you don't need a 1-2-1 match of managers to do-ers and having worked in councils before, about 20% of the staff do 80% of the work. If they have worked there for several years then they have normally carved out a nice little number involving doing little except eating cake and drinking tea.

Privatise the lot of them and have performance related pay, measured on reducing the number of accidents in their area.

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