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Having worked for a local council the main problem they seem to have is the crap funding they receive from Government, forcing them to shut stuff like libraries and museums and look at a myriad other routes to pay for the stuff they are expected to provide (parking fees, other fines, business rates), it is one of the only times in my career I have been asked to perform miracles with nothing in an IT department.

I've since left the UK and I'm working in the Netherlands, my council tax here?, about 200 euros a year, the Government give them the rest.

Pretty much all the grief we experience in the UK begins and ends in Westminster, and I include a lot of EU regulation in that as well, when you read what the regulations (which in every case we agree to) say most of the time, the actual execution bears no resemblance to the original intent once Whitehall have got their mitts on it and gold plated it into something ridiculous.

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