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I see most of this as the evolution in retail. Years ago, people used to take a jug to the farm gate and get their milk, then it changed with the Milk Marketing Board cornering the dairies and making it so you buy your milk from them. Now we buy it with the groceries and the milkman is crying coz he is part of a moribund business model.

It is a shame to see these things happen but they always have. If I think hard, I can see a time when the big supermarkets would like to close all their stores, save on rent etc and supply everyone online via a fleet of vans operating direct from the warehouses. I am such a hypocrite - i love the "high street" but I shop online and in supermarkets primarily because the high street is so inaccessible what with daft traffic schemes and punishing parking charges.

It seems the big supermarkets are missing one bit of information as they try to fathom out their demise - consumers are a lot more savvy than they used to be... they don't want to pay 55p for a turnip (you know who you are) and they are being made aware of how badly the supermarkets bully their suppliers - I definitely punish Tesco because they screw over the dairy farmers and pay a price per litre of less than cost... but then I buy milk from supermarkets... told you I was a hypocrite. Would I stop buying mil if the price had to go up to pay a fair price to the farmer and a slice of profit for the retailer? of course not. But it isn't working like that - the greedy bastards want all the price as profit. They are the architects of their doom - it has been a long time coming, but then they have been taking the piss for a long time.

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