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"So the statement above that WP has the best maps / nav holds at least for now."

Good lord, have you ever tried to use the navigation?

Whilst it might be sufficient for city to city travel, it also fails with some extremely simple tasks.

It also makes no distinction between road types, as demonstrated when I used the sat nav in Cornwall recently it repeatedly favoured single track roads with cars coming the other way around every corner.

When trying to find my way back to a hotel near Reading, it tried (again) to take me down a single track road with a ford at the bottom (helpfully labelled with a warning not to go through it during high tides, but no mention of when high tide was). After getting back on the main road again, the sat nav spent the next 5 miles trying to persuade me to perform a u turn to go back down the same track again.

Planning a recent journey, I selected "Fastest Route" which gave me a travel time of about 2 1/2 hours. Changing to a "Balanced Route" actually dropped the travel time by 20 minutes.

Finally, when in the Isle of Wight we used the sat nav to find a decent pub - a journey of about 5 miles. To get back to our starting position it gave us a 9 mile route by asking us to continue along the road in the same direction. The system seemed totally incapable of thinking about performing a u-turn, or even turning out of the car park and heading the other way.

I use it because it's more convenient than a real map, but not by much. If could be a decent app with a little bit of thought, but at the moment it's bollocks.

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