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A good few years ago I had a server on a 100MBs connection (when that was still fast!) and put a TOR node on it. My server had a small USB camera installed front and rear so I check at all times what was going on in my CoLo.

A few weeks after the TOR node was installed, I experienced a brief mysterious network disconnect that my hosting company told me was a switch outage. When I looked at the camera footage at the time they were obviously completely re-patching my server. I am 99% sure that it was actually being changed so that it could be monitored by the security services.

So I would assume that all TOR nodes in all countries that Eschelon has access to are directly monitored. I would suggest that given that level of monitoring - for which individual connections MIGHT still be relatively anonymous, but having that level of access, if you can target traffic at a particular host on the dark net, then statistical analysis would likely reveal it's location...

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