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>as the Japanese salarymen have no work/life balance.

That's a reflection of work culture not ethnic background. If you're a foreigner from the first world you might be lucky and work with a foreign firm that runs using more sane workplace rules i.e. not having to wait for your boss to leave before you can even if it's past 10pm but if you're unlucky you'll be working at a Japanese run place and be subjected to all of the baggage that comes with it.. Like having to go on work "holidays" abroad, work nomikai etc etc. You can have a very good salary and feel poor here because of all the after work activities you're silently forced to do but pay for out of your own pocket.

If you're super unlucky you'll end up as an English teacher or similar and have to work crap hours to accommodate the school/work patterns of your clients. I think there is a reason why so many eikaiwa workers spend so much of their time moaning about how Japan is a horrible place on the internet.

TL;DR version: If you're single and foreign in Japan you are likely on the same treadmill as all of the salary men.

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