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The Nokia name is NOT dead

The media are hyping up the "fact" that Nokia's brand is going because of that bunch from Redmond. Well kiddies, Nokia still exists in a big way, firstly its Infrastructure business is going great guns, secondly the HERE mapping platform is better than Google and Apple's mapping platform is just making it from water to land on an evolutionary scale. Nokia has also retained its Technology Development.

So, the brand may not be adorning mobile devices ant longer, but it is certaionly not dead.

What makes me wonder is how long Microsoft will be able to maintain the support from consumers with the Lumia range, it is NOT theirs they are interlopers who with a plant within Nokia destroyed the best mobile company and an OS with so much potential in Meego to be replaced with an also ran OS that just can't seem to get into double digit penetration figures no matter what is done.

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