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So, like I am wondering. Will the AV community actually have to do some work on OSX for once, rather than repurposing stuff to scan for Windows malware coming in somehow? And, will they catch WireLurker, or just claim it's not a virus, but user-installed?

Wonder how successful their threat handling will be. I recently ditched my (free) Sophos AV for excessive CPU guzzling doing live scans. Using ClamXAV, on-demand instead. But, since these puppies haven't really been blooded on OSX, dunno how much to trust them...

That said, it sounds like it's not exactly easy for the average (Western) Joe MacUser to catch this, at this point.

As usual, those who believe Macs are inherently immune are naive. Inherently more robust (than Windows) most likely, but that's about it.

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