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REVEALED: Apple fanbois are 'MENTALLY UNSTABLE' - iShop staff

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'Apple customers were described as "adult toddlers" and "assholes" stuffed

full of "entitlement".' I'll let this comment stand on it's own.

"There's something called the Apple effect. Since we see these girls so much, someone that is mediocre looking turns into a 8." then later "I make some decent money, have a beautiful girlfriend and a good pool of savings", he beamed. Umm, are you sure she isn't like a 6 and you're just skewed from working there? *ducks objects thrown at me* Just kidding!

And I agree, I wouldn't want to tell all and sundry who FruitStandSteve is -- Apple would sack him for sure. And honestly, I think people who have never been a customer service rep (either in phone or in store), salesperson, or even fast food worker, may assume that this is some kind of abberant thoughtcrime and must reflect on job performance. In reality, every place I've worked at had stories about "that one customer", or a few different regulars, or some generalities. People'd make sure their well out of earshot and let 'er rip, it helps let off steam. Most people are completely capable of thinking some customers a total dick, or totally incompetent, or whatever, but be completely civil interacting with them.

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