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Title is "Entitlement"

Post occupy moment, entitled people are the favrourite punchbags of the world. It's easy to paint someone a villain by just calling them entitled. My own entitlementdar is up all the time and whenever I see someone moan about lack of froth in their coffee, I think "entitled"! Even my office has an (employee driven) internal web page called "first world problems" to keep us honest about our own entitlements.

But what is the meaning of entitlement when a customer who (over)paid for their gizmo wants to understand what it's capabilities or the terms of the deal ? Or, do they keep pestering the "geniuses" about how the iShiny thing will not bend ?

Unless someone explains this better, so far the person who is coming off as "entitled" is the iGenius who expects to get paid a decent salary but finds dealing with customers unworthy of their time/effort ?

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