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REVEALED: Apple fanbois are 'MENTALLY UNSTABLE' - iShop staff

Chad H.

My recent experience with Apple Retail has convinced me that they are the standard to which others should aspire.

I had to return a 3 month old booscase (case + external battery), as the mini USB socket snapped in the device "Not a problem" says the manageress on duty "would you like another one like that, or something different". No hassle, no fuss. You can if you like point out that this is whats legally required under the Sale of Goods act, but the fact I didnt have to utter the phrase, or mention statutory rights, or even face hassle because I didnt have the box already puts them ahead of everyone else.

Sadly, the next week, the same thing happened again. "Not a problem (my name - she remembered it), I remember you were in last week. Do you want something different this time?" Replace it for a juicecase, and happy to report no repeats. Anywhere else the second time I would be suspecting hassle, and accusations of me breaking the thing, but couldnt have been happier to see me or more simple.

Fault em all you like, but they are the gold standard of the retail experience

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