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No, for OSX there is no, enforced wall. One can configure/mutilate/change how you like, install what you like from where you like, write and install your own core dumping programme or infinitely recursive script in whatever language for which you can get a compiler under OSX. It's just a BSD UNIX plus bells land whistles and a consumer windows interface, but still with the ability to use any other you can find or just a terminal.

IOS (for iPhones, iPads etc.) is restricted. But private firms may want private apps for company devices. From the article, it seems that they the possibility of providing an app store for their apps, accessed from a computer (OSX in this case). Presumably, one connects the IOS kit and uses iTunes to install the firm's app on the iPhone. So, someone has taken advantage of this to provide a dodgy app store. Fred Bloggs connects to that via his OSX host, gets that fascinating app., and so to IOS.

So the IOS app store is irrelevant; the stanards consumer protection is irrelevant. Just as with any other computer (or goods), a user goes to an unauthorised dealer to obtain goods and so has got no guarantee, no support, no evidence of provider. Bit like buying bootleg DVDs or a hair dryer at the back ot a pub that fell off a lorry. It's just a bigger market and needs a bit more effort.

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