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Let's say it yet, yet, yet again: There are currently no viruses proper - at all - for OSX (there will be, sometime, but this isn't one of them).

If you are using a definition of "virus" that does not include compromised software that;

a) deliberately spreads itself to other devices from the infected device, and deliberately modifies existing applications so they contain it's own code

b) deliberately harvests information from the infected device and uploads that to a 3rd party server

c) contains the ability to autoupdate to add additional functionality or update existing functionality

d) deliberately obfuscates itself to avoid detection

then AFAIK Windows currently has no "proper viruses" either. I'm struggling to define "virus" such that this malware doesn't fit the definition but current Windows malware does, since it seems to have almost exactly the same MO as any of the Windows crop.

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