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***The point is that Apple users are complacent. Apple OSX or iOS isn't magically more secure. It's just been a smaller target.***

Oh Jesus H Christ, not more of this...

NO intelligent user of ANY OS supposes it to be "magically" completely secure (the ones who do don't count).

Many users however can make an intelligent distinction between "completely secure" and "relatively secure".

Unix systems are not magically "secure" but they are demonstrably "more secure". Their use across the web does not constitute a "small target".

Let's say it yet, yet, yet again: There are currently no viruses proper - at all - for OSX (there will be, sometime, but this isn't one of them). There are however Trojans - ooh, must be 6 or 7 now. There already were Trojans - nothing has changed. Trojans require stupidity to work. No system, however secure, will guard against stupidity. Is this news?

I (and a load of other people) use Macs for serious work, not because they're hip or shiny but because they're nicely thought out and work well. I do not imagine they are immune to nasties. But I have observed, from evidence, that they are comparatively immune. I'm sick to the back teeth of the yah-boo-sucks level of "fanbois" discussion (isn't that something to do with wooden ventilators?), the eternal repeats of the same old same old. Get a life, for Chrissake, there are different systems - just get over it.

In other news (a few articles back):

"Malware monitors PandaLabs says 227,747 new malware samples are released every day.

The findings from its recent survey found 20 million samples were created in the third quarter of 2014.

Three quarters of infections were trojans while only 9 percent were viruses and 4 percent worms.

The number of trojans rose 13 percent over the last three months, displacing viruses which fell by 10 percent over the same period."

Where do you suppose the overwhelming bulk of this stuff is targeted?

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