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So much money wasted

I find it hilarious (In a Kafkaesque sort of way) when you compare how much money that's been wasted on 'Homeland Security' vs. how much money Al-Qaeda spent to attack us. It worked out to be that for every person that died on 9/11 the US has spent over $10 million dollars (and rising) in revenge, where Al-Qaeda has spent a measly $5. Talk about an impressive ROI... Their goal was to make us terrified of them and to be living in constant fear; in that way it looks like they achieved a victory so perfect that it can be used as a standard for purity of diamonds.

Especially since the easier way of destroying these 'terror groups' would have been so much cheaper: cut off their pool of recruits by helping out villages and convincing the people there that it would be far more beneficial for them to live peaceably with the West than to attack innocents. Farming, building, and manufacturing equipment is far cheaper than cruise missiles and jet fuel.

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