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So much for the Department of Homeland INsecurity. They are apparently only for show.

Apparently? No, they are for show and to give the populace a warm, fuzzy feeling when flying. They're totally reactive and not proactive. Hell, unlike some countries airport security, ours are unarmed, they work as contractors for the lowest bidder and seem to all have either a control fetish or a John Wayne fetish. A look at the what has to be done to fly points that out. They brag about what they've taken from passengers in the name of safety, and how they don't profile... but checking out little old ladies and babies in arms goes a bit far. Not that there has been a granny/baby attack.... yet. What worries some of us is what doesn't get found.

The borders are insecure but then again, we, as citizens, want our free access so what price would we pay if the borders were locked down? Should we continue with the theater called DHS or should it be changed to something more realistic.

As for the contractor in this case... once again, lowest bidder and probably some political palm-greasing has gone a long way.

To be a bit paranoid... if it is "state actors" who accessed the records, I'd think it's more about a bit of blackmail about having "someone look the other way" when XXXX shows up at the gate. Offering what they offer to the affected employees has become a joke....


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