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I need to get some new phones. Not that I've kept any of mine, so I can't set up a museum. But I have owned a lot of phones from companies who no longer sell them. I've had

Motorola MicroTAC

Nokias - couple of green screen ones with week long battery life

Sendo - somethingorother. Plasticky but nice.

Siemens - eletric blue candybar

Sony Ericsson P800

Motorola V3 RAZR (my favourite form factor)

Samsung - slider of some sort

Nokia - candybar w. colour screen, crap battery life and kept breaking. Worst phone I ever had

HTC Wildfire (second favourite form factor)

Nokia Lumia 710

iPhone 5 (work)

I've been a bit of a phone whore. My only loyal period was to Nokia's green screens. I didn't manage an Ericsson before they sold out to Sony, and I've not had a Blackberry yet, but I've done quite well at going through the list, in the last 20 years of use. I guess I need to get an LG and a Microsoft one, before moving on to the Chinese manufacturers.

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