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"And perhaps we should ban all speculation until the NTSB publish their report - but that's against human nature."

I'd not ban it, only discourage speculations that don't conform with current news conference releases from the NTSB. I happened to watch video of said news conference, but seem to have missed the mention of the boom assembly moving after being unlocked.

When going trans-sonic, things get *really* ugly, as highly significant stresses are induced down the line of travel of the aircraft/spacecraft.

Things get uglier when the press/public gets involved, as mach 1 is relative in that arena, mach 1 for an operational craft is when *all* components are well and truly outside of the shockwave.

As the attitude assembly was at the trailing edge, it very may well be that the shockwave induced unintended movement, secondary to mechanical locks being disengaged.

The real question is *why* the locks were disengaged. Procedural flaw (not supported by current documents, as reported in press conference by the NTSB)? Operational friendliness design flaw (control is near a very similar appearing control that *is* on a checklist)? Informal test procedure practiced by a test pilot (unlikely, from personal experience with test pilots)? A case of intra-cranial flatulence on the part of the copilot (something quite well in the realm of possibility, on error, goto human)? Around 100000 things not considered from this highly sparse information?

Based upon what is *known*, which is an astonishing amount of information parsed by the investigators due to the craft being highly experimental, for all that we know, based upon this sparse information, it very well could have been a Decepticon moving the copilot's arm and hand.

The latter being the most, erm, improbable of events, as Transformers are either an electronic device or a fictitious character from a rather well earning toy line and entertainment franchise.

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