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There will always be people who will be ashamed of anything. Pride isn't the solution. Security, contentment and satisfaction in who a person is will level it out. Pride lifts a person up above others.

If he came out as gay, Christian or even atheist in some less welcoming parts of the world, then I'd say he has got balls of iron and my admiration for the guy would go through the roof because the cost for him to do that would be huge. To come out as gay in Apple-Land results in very large part in resounding applause with one or two little voices saying it's wrong (and since the purpose of modern culture is to silence those voices, much as we may disagree with them, they are now the brave rebels).

Where's the pride in coming out where it's becoming increasingly socially and legally unacceptable to criticise a person for being who they are? There is more social sanction of someone who would hate him for who he is than there is for him saying who he is. It's like someone in the home counties 'coming out' as 'Nominally Church of England'. Not groundbreaking.

That he's gay isn't news. That it's news, is news. That it's cause for pride is merely interesting and a symptom of where our society is.

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