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Apple CEO Tim Cook: My well-known gayness is 'a gift from God'

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Anonymous Coward

Why it still matters, for those who don't get it.

Gay people are still an oppressed minority, and readers on our side of the pond may not be aware of the extent of the vitriol and hatred being pushed by the American right-wing pro-discrimination Christian fundamentalists(*), but it is a very real, live issue at the moment and we need powerful voices to speak out in favour of equality. This is probably the first thing Apple has done so far this century that I whole-heartedly approve of.

Ironic, however, to describe the head of a company that is every bit as involved as Google is in tracking its users for marketing purposes as "privacy-conscious."

(*) - Seriously, you will not believe it. Try reading Dispatches from the Culture wars over at for a day or two if you don't believe me. It is jaw-dropping.

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