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To the person who down-voted this post - why?

(Unless it was for the poster's nickname . . .)

This is exactly the point here - whether you think it's a good move or not. Independent sites and services can gain good followings by catering to niches (even if they are large ones!) and often part of their selling-point is exactly that they are independent and therefore don't have to be so stuffy; they can be irreverent - crude even, if that the vibe.

When such services are bought be big, mainstream companies, that irreverence is almost always lost and what starts as a site by gamers for gamers, sharing gamer humour turns in to a site for gamers by gamers and overseen by mum. (Or, more accurately, overseen by a board of directors who look only to profit.)

Whether you want to watch naked gaming or not, this is a gaming site that rejoiced in gaming and gamers - in all their nerdy, quirky glory.

Naked gaming events are certainly not my cup of tea* but the concept is excellent. Why? Because gamers have long been on the outer, socially, but they (we) have always been happy with what we are and who we are. Maybe I am reading too much into this but masses of people getting naked together has frequently been used to promote the idea of accepting who you are so it seems a perfect fit for a group who have long been deemed "uncool".

It's a "here I am and I don't care what you think". I don't believe it's supposed to be sexy and, in the words of an Australian punk band of my youth: "genitals are funny".

And d'you know what? If an adolescent (because the site is aimed at 13 and up, really) sees a bunch of people with the same interests as him/her who look normal, just as he/she does - not models from Victoria's Secret shows or Calvin Klein ads; not athletes or actors paid to be in perfect shape - and sees those people comfortable with who they are; comfortable with their interests, comfortable in their bodies, comfortable in the fact that what they're worth and how happy they are shouldn't - and needn't - depend on how they look or whether someone else approves of their (harmless) hobby, well, I don't think that'd be the worst of society's problems.

Oh, but, penises and public hair and boobs. Right, sorry, we should all be ashamed. Think of the children - what kind of a horrible world would it become if they all grew up thinking that people of all shapes and sizes are perfectly normal and shouldn't be worried about when they look like without a shirt.

(Sorry - that got away from me a bit . . .)

* - And were I to attend one they would quickly cease being anyone's cup of tea.

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