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Indeed. Apple OS's saves immediately to the cloud so that you can resume from another device using Handoff. Saint Google (who are also part of PRISM, incidentally) actually does the same if you use the word processor in Google Drive. Many forums also save the post you're typing as you go along, in case your browser crashes etc. Newsflash: if you want the convenience of cloud services, then you're entrusting your data to cloud providers, unless you are geeky enough to set up your own encrypted Linux server (and thus not have a life worth anyone knowing about in the first place). But of course "oh noes they must be slurping it all up so that the NSA will know about my secret recipe for chicken soup before it's written!"

The average person couldn't give a toss about this. As for the nerds, stop being babies and switch the function off if you're that paranoid about what happens if you paste your naked selfies into your textedit documents (which is probably safe, but hey, why tempt fate when it's really not difficult to just use your brain?). It's really not hard, I'm not sure why no one seems capable of switching a preference setting any more. It's much quicker and easier than frothing on the internet about it.

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