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"The reason I bring this up is that I suspect this also occurred to Apple users in the past and is going to get more prevalent unless Apple drives a User Privacy Interface Standard that all Mac and iThing applications should (must?) adhere to."

They do have a privacy standard with quite a good web page explaining it. Apple users expect that their information should be available on all of their devices (magically) and that if they lose their device a backup can be restored (magically) without that data being snooped, sold or other things not of benefit to the user. With a single iPhone there is enough free cloud capacity that backups happen with no issue, I only needed to pay once I had two phones and an iPad but I was happy to do so since I had previously lost a phone on a night out, the replacement had my half written drunken text message restored before I left the Apple store. I expect Apple to not interfere or use the data being synced and stored, and the privacy policy backs this.

As I said, Google are just as open with their policy, but their policy is to make as much money from your data as they can in return for lower device and subscription costs. I'm fine with paying massively over the odds for cloud storage and upgrade options on hardware, and I'm glad at least one company gives me the option to just pay them for the service I want.

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