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Rumor has it...

...that Apple is porting iTunes to Android <waves dead chicken furiously> Ran across mention of it today when I checked Google. Subject came up during a discussion with the wife - I was asked by client staff if going from Apple to Android was a good idea. First impulse is to say 'Ohellya', then reason kicks in and I ask how invested are they in iTunes. If they're a crazy person and have hundreds/thousands in Apple kit/music/whatever, I tell them to stay with Apple, if not, try Android. Wife wondered if they had iTunes for Android. Good Question.

Anyway, the search terms in Google are thus:

'Itunes for Android - don't judge me, this is research'

You'll find a few references - it makes *some* sense if Apple iTunes is losing market share, although I'd never sleep again if I was Tim Cook - Steve would rip my heart out for that one, where ever he may be.

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