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Spitfire vs Hurricane

The Hurricane also dominated the RAF’s count of mono-wing fighters – outnumbering Spitfires at the pivotal Battle of Britain. Hurricanes scored more aerial victories, too, during that conflict: 1,593 of a total 2,739.

Given that there were more Hurricanes in the air it stands to reason they would have a higher success rate. I also seem to recall that the main duty of the Spits was to deal with the Luftwaffe fighter escorts and then the Hurricanes were free to clean up the unprotected bombers.

When I was a sprog I was a massive plane anorak. In the olden days you could write to all the UK aircraft manufacturers (enclosing an SAE) and then receive data sheets and glossy 10x8 black & white photos (real photos too) in return. Those were the days.

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