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I don't know...

Maybe I'm just getting old, but the image of the burning B-26 you chose to go with the link to this article (under "More From The Register") is, well, questionable.

It's public domain and well used, I get it. The crash and burn reference, I get it. But I also get how it captures one of the last few terrifying seconds on this earth for eight guys who went to England and, thanks to a direct flak hit on Feb 23 1945, never came back.

Capt. Carl F. Chapman, Jr. - Pilot - Macon, Georgia

1st Lt. John J. Sheehan - CoPilot - Boston, Massachusetts

2nd Lt. James R. Harl - Bombardier - Pulaski, Iowa

1st Lt. Kenneth G. Bowdish - Navigator - Seattle, Washington

1st Lt. Frederick D. Storey, Jr. - GEE Operator - Houston, Texas

T/Sgt. J.P. Herndon - Radio Operator/Gunner - Dallas, Texas

S/Sgt. Ballard J. Bentley - Engineer/Gunner - Neon, Kentucky

S/Sgt. W.T. Williamson - Tail Gunner - Dallas, Texas

I don't know...

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