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SDI wars: WTF is software defined infrastructure?


"This means that spinning up a workload will automatically configure networking, firewalls, intrusion detection, application layer gateways, mirroring, load balancing, content distribution network registration, certificates and so forth."

There's no way that could ever possibly go dreadfully wrong . . .

"So you want a MySQL database tuned for the SDI block you are running? It will deploy a golden master from the orchestration software pre-configured and pre-tested to run optimally on that hardware. Your data and customizations are separate from the OS and the application itself. When the OS and app are updated, the image will be altered by the vendor; you simply restart the VM and you're good to go."

Sounds nice, but that's a lot of hand-waving - poof: "the image will be updated by the vendor", watch as my lovely assistant steps into this mysterious box - what will happen?

"Open the box, plug it in and you have compute, storage, networking, backups, disaster recovery, cloud gateway, WAN optimisation, monitoring, analytics, alerting and so forth all preconfigured and ready to go."

. . . which will, of course, meet all regulatory standards and specific needs of the business.

"When you move a workload onto an SDI block, it will detect the application(s) involved and automatically configure monitoring, alerting, backups and so forth . . ."

Again, sounds nice but how will it do this? All applications? What are we meaning by applications? VDI is an 'application' that runs 'applications' - will these magical boxes understand what is running inside the VDI sessions and will its backups and monitoring be aware of that level?

This is all a very nice idea, to be sure and I see it as a good goal to work towards. I appreciate that the article is intentionally light on the 'how' because there are many options and there will likely be a range of options.

One thing I see as potentially problematic is licensing, which may increase significantly when run on such infrastructure.

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