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It's a buzzword...

nothing more nothing less, just like all those SD* TLAs before, and, in a larger perspective, just the same as the many "shiny things" Microsoft promised in the early 1990s, like object oriented file systems, or Visual Basic for Applications which can incorporate your VBX (or later OCX) objects. Lots of shiny things we all stood in front of looking amazed. Today we start to see VBA as a pile of toxic waste and even Office warns of them by default. The object oriented file system was constantly promised for the version after the next version, and eventually got abandoned.

So in all seriousness, this doesn't seem like anything that's worth looking into. And even if parts of it turn out to be worthwhile, those should be easy enough to learn. After all all great things in IT are simply. Simplicity is necessary for something to really succeed and become a truly useful tool, instead of just a weight to keep you down.

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