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Sure it did. After his departure, his former victims, those pretending to lead the nation, decided to proclaim in quiet whispers, how cross dressing.

Something strangely absent from the real history, but is still repeated in public venues by the ill informed.

Hoover also had the first "legal" house of prostitution build in Washington, D. C.. Interestingly enough, the classified files mention all manner of state of the art recording devices. Granted, at the earliest times, it was all vacuum tube stuff, but cameras, microphones and whatever recording media that was reliable was built in or added onto the system.

Can't figure out *how* he escaped the wrath of a nation after the collapse of McCarthy.

Hoover had two interests. Building his surveillance capabilities and protecting that former requirement.

As one who does actually trust my own government a bit, which is far more than far too many do, I offer a counter-offer.

I'll give you my root keys if you give me the root keys of the *entire* US Government. I have a rather thick jacket, so it's well established that I can be trusted. A *lot* of people trust me.

I'll also not divulge unless lawful acts do occur, which will be vetted by *my* cleared attorney.

Otherwise, sod off. The Founding Fathers are spinning around in their graves and may erupt at any moment to provide a *real* zombie uprising against you pencil necked idiots.

Me, "The Wizard", later, "Wizard One Actual". The latter not being a sign that I was a Commissioned Officer, but a adulation of an occasional habit of overruling a Commissioned Officer's orders in favor of something that both accomplished the mission and we also managed to survive.

As it always worked, it was swept under the rug.

I'm retired, but do retain my clearance. I'm also tagged RED. So, if we meet, *please* do not pull my finger. ;)

Blithering idiots.

And yeah, that all is true and more. But, if I told you, I'd have to kill you and eat you or something.

The *real* secret is one that is really well known, but, Intelligence isn't noted for being exceptionally bright at times.

*Do not pull my finger*.

I'm an WMD in that manner. ;)

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