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"The press and snakeoil companies continue to embarrass themselves in public with this nonsense."

and next commenter "JASOVTTSUC"

Well I would agree that The Registers security issue reporting leaves a lot be desired. They too often dramatise inconsequential issues. As always it's important to read the article carefully and logically evaluate based on what is known and established rather than what is implied.

Yes also The Register far too often quote vested interest "security experts" (read anti-malware salesmen) without adequate discrimination.

Having said that, in this case the "security expert" has presented his findings at a black hat conference - a foreboding place if you are acting with no more basis than a "snake oil" salesman and that's somewhat more noteworthy than a mere press release. This article is a bit short on established fact and is too vague, so it will be important to read the details. But on the face of it, this sounds very worrying for Android.

The Register cry wolf all the time. But then also there are sometimes very real large scale security threats. Heartbleed and then Shellshock have shown complacency is a grave error. Both were exploited in the real world effectively and damagingly extremely quickly.

You would be a fool not to keep track of this one.

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